PSI Names Decadent Dog Founder Rob Nager Pet Sitter of the Year

PSIs Pet Sitter of the Year

PSIs Pet Sitter of the Year

2008 Pet Sitter of the Year™

Massachusetts Business Owner Receives Industry’s Top Honor

America’s on-going love affair with pets is at an alltime high, but pet owners’ love affair with their pet sitters comes in at a close second! Pet Sitters International was bombarded with nominations for its 2008 Pet Sitter  of the Year™ award. Standing out from the crowd, however, was Rob Nager of Needham, MA, who was  named 2008 Pet Sitter of the Year™. He was crowned with the industry’s highest honor during the opening  ceremony of PSI’s annual conference in Orlando, FL.

The Pet Sitter of the Year award was created by PSI in  1995 and the 2008 competition was sponsored by Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

“I am honored to be recognized by our clients and industry professionals from across the USA for the hard work and dedication to  excellence my staff and I put forth every single day,” says Rob. “We love what we do and apparently it shows!”

A lifelong resident of the Boston area, Rob Nager walked away from a sales and business development career  to found a full-service pet care company, Decadent Dog, in 2002. Since joining Pet Sitters International that  same year, he has been actively involved in both the association and his local community. In addition to his  PSI affiliation, Robert is certified in first aid and CPR for pets. His petsitting service is fully insured and  bonded and is a Better Business Bureau accredited business.

From his sales and business development career, Rob brought his commitment to the core values of client service to Decadent Dog. That includes honesty, integrity, compassion and the desire to provide the finest possible care. Rob’s background has enabled him to build and retain an enormously loyal client base that continues to grow and is now considered a leader in pet care within the local market.

Rob is frequently a resource through pet-care interviews and was nominated to write “Striving for Excellence in Customer Service” for the Pet Sitters International Accreditation Program in 2005. Rob has a simple belief in the value of client service experience: Make the customer want to do business with you. Decadent Dog seeks to provide the best to its canine clients every day. The Pet Sitter of the Year nominations he received from scores of satisfied pet owners is a testimony to Rob’s business philosophy.

This year’s contest brought in more than 700 nominations for nearly 80 PSI members in 25 states and Great Britain! Each nomination was thoroughly read and every nominee was carefully considered, which was a monumental task. And when you consider the quality of those nominations, it was even harder. How do you choose “the best” from a group of “the best” like this year’s crop of nominees? But there can only be one winner and the judges reached their decision. The selection committee was comprised of David Pearsall of Business Insurers of the Carolinas, Jennifer Miler, PSI’s 2007 Pet Sitter of the Year and selected PSI staff members.

“Rob’s overall commitment to excellence in every aspect of his business made him stand out from the pack,” say PSI president Patti Moran. “He exemplifies what a professional pet sitter should be and is a leader in this growing industry.”

And so Rob took his crown and returned home…

The “Dog Bone Crown” that is worn by PSI’s Pet Sitter of the Year is a lighthearted representation of a very serious award. But it is always worn proudly—with a big grin to accompany the huge responsibility it represents.

Shortly after returning to Massachusetts from his PSY crowning at Quest, Rob sent this memo to PSI headquarters:

“While I was on my way to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Thai, our 3½-year-old rescue dog from Bangkok decided to do something she had never done before. There was something irresistible about my crown. Maybe it was the red velvet? Perhaps it was the dog biscuits; all I know is that the crown was in an impossible-to-reach location when we left for dinner and it was on the floor of my office when we returned!

“I’m truly heartbroken because of the hard work and dedication that Christy (PSI graphic design specialist and crown-maker extraordinaire) and all of you demonstrated creating and transporting the symbol of my prestigious honor. So much for the family heirloom! From the bottom of my heart I hope you all can find it in your hearts to forgive me for my carelessness and also my baby girl Thai who was merely being a dog—a super-dog!”

Don’t worry, Rob, we’ll replace your crown. After all, you can’t truly be recognized as the PSI Pet Sitter of the Year without it!

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